Season 12 – Sunday – Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO
Minimum Class D (SR 3.0) license, iRating of 1000
Fixed, Sprint
44% fuel. Pit stop will be needed
Rolling, pole decides when to go
Fast Repair
iRacing Time of Day
10x Drive Thru Penalty / 15x DQ
Driver Aids
Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist OK)
6:00 pm Central
7:50 pm Central
8:00 pm Central
Race Length
40 Minutes
2 races dropped

Track Schedule & Results

Penalties by Round

If your name is in bold, do not qualify at the next Sunday race in which you participate or you will receive 0 points for your race.

  1.  None

The SCCA is donating three $150 gift certificates to be used at any Track Night in America event.

SCCA Track Events provide an environment for drivers who simply want to increase the enjoyment of driving their vehicle. For most drivers, all it takes to be a part is your safe street car, a valid driver’s license, and an approved helmet.

That’s it. The goal of an SCCA Track Event isn’t to give a high-pressure experience and high stakes of “winning.” It is to give you a thrilling experience and stories to share, all from an environment that gives everyone a level to feel comfortable. Because SCCA Track Events are not races – any on-track passes are limited to specific passing zones and only with a signal known as a “point-by.”

BoostLogic is providing a $200 gift card, hoodie, and t-shirt as prizes.

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DGA is providing 4 prizes with a value of $500 in total:

  1. One Starter Pack consisting of a Mach Lite Portable Disc golf Basket, 3 Disc Starter Set, and DGA Starter Bag
  2. Three APEX THIS logoed Mini Trophy Baskets, each with a set of 10 Mini Markers (small light mini frisbees).