Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Safe Reentry

After an off-track, reentering safely is a must. If you don’t, you’ll most likely incur a penalty. There are several steps to a safe reentry.

  1. Pause: Take a breath to get your bearings
  2. Clear: Get out of the way of other racers if you are on track and not facing the right direction. Back up or go forward, even off track. Just get out of the way!
  3. Check the Relative Box: Find out how close other racers are to you. This is a critical step. A second or two gap isn’t usually enough time to get back on track safely.
  4. Reenter Parallel: if possible, drive parallel to the track until you can safely ease back on. If you aren’t parallel to the track, when you come off the grass onto the track you’ll often shoot into the middle of the track. Enter the track from a parallel line and you’ll usually be safe.

How do I serve a Drive-Through Penalty during a race?

  • To clear a Drive-Through penalty, a driver must enter the pit lane under green track conditions with no other black flags, and pass through the whole pit lane without stopping in their pit stall. This action will clear the Drive-Through Penalty Black Flag as the driver passes the pit exit.
  • Getting a pit speed or other pit lane penalty while serving a Drive-Through Penalty will still clear the Drive-Through Penalty, but now the driver will have the extra penalties that were incurred during the process, and will need to clear those separately.
  • If the driver has other penalties in addition to a Drive-Through Penalty, the Drive-Through Penalty cannot be cleared via driving through the pitlane. It adds to the other penalties with the usual 15-second increase per combined penalty and must now be cleared via the usual stop and hold.

Starting from Pit Lane

  • If you get a penalty after a race, you may need to start from the pit lane in the next race. Here’s how you do it.
  • You can qualify or not. That’s up to you. Your qualifying time determines your pit stall and thus, your starting position from within pit lane.
  • Don’t Grid after qualifying. Wait for the timer to run out.
  • You’ll see a Missed Start button. Click on that.
  • Once the cars come around the track and get ready to start, a timer will start. When it gets to 00:00…GO!
  • Don’t wait for your pit crew guy to lift the ‘Brake’ board. He never will. Just drive through it.
  • Don’t speed in the pit lane!!

Practice in Race Conditions

Did you know you can practice in a league scheduled session before it goes live? You can then practice with the same settings you’ll see in the race.