Season 11


BEARZILLA is a Time Attack Nissan GT-R campaigned by one of our admins, Bjorn Boentges. The project started with a 2013 GT-R and migrated to a 2017 GT-R, which recently competed in Super Lap Battle with build and race support provided by FASTx. Going forward, Bjorn plans to use BEARZILLA to help market the APEX THIS league and to develop future prize sponsorships.

For Season 11, BEARZILLA is donating SCCA Track Night in America fees for one lucky participant.

Fennell Autosport TX or FASTx is a race shop in San Marcos, TX focusing on Racecar/Lotus projects and helping you go faster in any car.

For one Season 11 racer, Fastx is giving a half-day of coaching at Harris Hill Road in San Marcos, Texas in your car OR two hours coaching within iRacing. In lieu of instruction, an alternate prize is 2 hours of free labor on any performance car in the FASTx shop or 1 month of free storage. 

Replace your stock Logitech wheel with an F1-style wheel for a fun experience and much more at ANSE3D. They also offer a paddle shifter magnet mod to improve the shifting experience and have a mini button box.

They are donating three $50 gift certificates and league members get 15% off during Season 11.

The APEX THIS Mission

  1. Have fun
  2. Race clean
  3. Be respectful
  4. Help novices

As one of the fastest-growing iRacing road racing leagues, we know how to have a good time. We have races for all skill levels, from beginner to alien. While we take our racing seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like good close racing with some healthy banter and taunting tossed in. No wreckers, bitching, or moaning. Join us and enjoy racing again!

Get Started

  1. iRacing League Address: Join to race.
  2. Discord or Facebook: Where we make fun of each other, post penalties, and generally have a good time.
  3. Twitch, Youtube, Previous seasons: Watch live or later.

Guidelines for Better Racing

  1. Drive within your skillset. Don’t use races to push beyond the limit of your skills. That’s for practice.
  2. In a multi-class race, pick the class that best matches your skills. Don’t pick a faster car because it’s cool or looks fun. You’ll just be in the way of your fellow racers and/or cause accidents (and get penalized). If you can’t do lap times within range of your fellow racers in the class, you need to choose a different car next race.
  3. Don’t leave large gaps on the pace lap. Keep within 1 to 2 car lengths of the car ahead.
  4. Learn the track and car before the race. Use practices to learn but show up early. Showing up to race without experience on the track and/or car is disrespectful to the other racers.
  5. Don’t ruin someone else’s race. We’re here to have fun and if you take out another car, well, it sucks and you can get penalized. Don’t do it.
  6. Learn Racecraft. Running laps by yourself is entirely different than lapping with other cars. Until you are damn good, be cautious and aware.

Season 11 Details

Begins March 13, 2022. 

  • New for Season 11
    • “Do Not Qualify” for podium winners is gone!
    • A penalty is now a 30 point deduction, up from 10.
    • Penalties will be served with a Do Not Qualify instead of starting from the pits.
    • Automatic single-race suspension for 3 penalties in a season on the same night.
    • The drive-thru incident level is 13x, down from 17x. Every 4x after 13 will result in another drive-thru. All nights.
    • Bonuses
      • Removed “Led a Lap”, “Most Positions Lost”, “Most Positions Gained” bonuses.
      • New “Qualified First” and “Fastest Race Lap” bonuses for each class.
      • Bonus values have been increased.
    • The final race of the season on each night will be a 90-minute race worth double points.
  • General notes
    • We have minimum requirements for some nights. We use iRacing licenses and iRatings. The bar is low with a goal to keep “New to iRacing” members from jumping into races that aren’t appropriate to their skill level.
    • 40-minute races.

We have three different series during the week. Run them all or just one or two. Come and go throughout the season. But if you want to go for the championship podium, show up as often as possible.2


  • Week 1: Road America – Full Course
  • Week 2: Sebring International Raceway – International 
  • Week 3: Watkins Glen International Raceway – Boot
  • Week 4: Donington Park Racing Circuit – Grand Prix 
  • Week 5: Barber Motorsports Park – Full Course
  • Week 6: Sonoma Raceway – Cup
  • Week 7: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
  • Week 8: Homestead Miami Speedway – Road Course A
  • Week 9: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Full Course
  • Week 10: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace – Grand Prix
  • Week 11: Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans – 24 Heures du Mans
  • Week 12: Road Atlanta – Full Course


Select a night for the details of that night.
All nights: Practice: 6pm Central Time USA. Lone Qualifier: 7:50p for 10 minutes. Race: 8pm for 40-minutes.


  • All nights/classes use the same scoring. 
  • All racers joining a race are scored, including Disconnects. 
  • No car swaps in a series during the season. The car you start with is the car you’ll run through the entire season or you lose all your points when you switch.


Point Schedule

  • Points are assigned as a percentage of overall race laps completed. If you complete 80% of the overall race laps, you’ll get 80% of the points for your position. If you complete a lap and disconnect, you’ll still get a percentage of points for your finishing position. 


  • Finish with no incidents: 10 bonus points. Per Class. You must complete 90% of the laps to be eligible. 
  • Fastest Race Lap: 5 bonus points. Per Class.
  • Qualified First: 5 bonus points. Per Class.


  • Penalty Schedule
    • Loss of 30 points per offense.
    • Do not Qualify (DNQ) the next race.
    • Not following the penalty start procedure (DNQ) will result in zero points for that race.
    • 3 penalties in a season, on the same night, will result in a single-race suspension.
    • If the stewards decide a racer was excessively aggressive during a race, they may be banned for one or more races.
  • Purposely wrecking someone
    • 1st offense in a race or season: Loss of 200 points and race ban for 1 week across all nights
    • 2nd offense in a race or season: Removed from the league


  • Your best 9 out of 12 races count toward the championship.


Trophies may be provided to the top 3 in each class at the end of the season. Trophies will only be shipped to addresses within the USA and Canada.