Season 18

Our Mission

  1. Have fun
  2. Race clean
  3. Be respectful
  4. Help novices

As one of the fastest-growing iRacing road racing leagues, we know how to have a good time. Join us and enjoy racing again! No wreckers, bitching, or moaning. 

Getting Started

  1. Free to race but we’d appreciate a Donation if you do.
  2. Join our iRacing League: Don’t wait until the night of the race to join.
  3. Join Discord or Facebook: Where we make fun of each other, post penalties, and generally have a good time. Join one or both.
  4. Read the Rules
  5. Read the New Members section of this website.
  6. Once you’ve done steps 2-4, you are welcome to race with us any night, any time in the season. No forms, no signups, just bring your A-game, cuz we gonna.

Season 18 (Bringing the Heat) Begins December 12, 2023

No sign-up necessary. No mandatory fees. Join any night, even if you haven’t raced previously with us.


  • All nights/classes use the same scoring.
  • All racers joining a race are scored, including Disconnects.
  • Points are assigned as a percentage of race laps completed compared to the overall winner (not class winner). If you complete 80% of the overall race laps, you’ll get 80% of the points for your position. If you complete a lap and disconnect, you’ll still get a percentage of points for your finishing position.




  • Finish with no incidents: 10 bonus points. Per Class. You must complete 90% of the laps to be eligible.
  • Gained Most Positions: 5 bonus points. Per Class.


Awards may be sent to the top 3 in each class at the end of the season. Awards will only be shipped to addresses within the USA and Canada.