Sponsorship Opportunities

Get your business in front of 700+ motorsports enthusiasts!

APEX THIS is one of the fastest growing road racing leagues in iRacing. Our members are spread throughout the US with the majority being Texas-based. Many of us race or track cars in real life as well as in iRacing. If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive way to get focused marketing, we are just what you need!

Donated prizes are randomly given to racers that participate in a season. This way the podium winners don’t get all the goodies. If you race, you have a chance to win!


Your business will be highlighted in many places:

  • On our Facebook page. You’ll get spotlighted and many mentions throughout the season.
  • In our broadcasts.
  • We send emails to all members several times a season and you’ll be mentioned.
  • On our league website.

Over $3,000 in prizes and cash provided by our sponsors to date.

Here are some sponsorship ideas:

  • PRODUCTS / SERVICES : Always welcome and appreciated by racers. Who doesn’t like to win a prize? These naturally get a lot of attention. If you have iRacing products and/or services, there really isn’t a better way to get yourself directly in front of your market audience.
  • DISCOUNTS : Provide a discount to members during a season. 
  • SWAG : T-Shirts, hats, hoodies are always popular. You get the advantage of having your marketing continue onto real tracks throughout the US, reaching even more potential customers.
  • TROPHIES / PLAQUES : Provide trophies or plaques with your logo and/or marketing. 
  • CASH : Cash is always welcome. It helps us pay for broadcasting, hosting and other expenses. 
Our minimum for sponsorship is $100 in cash or prizes.